• Dynamic and a talented group of professionals are strategically located throughout the US and Asia.  
  • We offer client representation and product placement with major instore retailers as well as online.
  • Collaborate with manufacturers and retailers to bring products to the marketplace.
  • Strategy development to take the product to the market.
  • Source manufacturing capabilities with vetted and audited factories in the US and overseas. 
  • E-Commerce direct to consumer capabilities.
  • Wholesale
  • Club
  • Hardware/Home Center
  • Sporting Goods
  • Mass
  • Grocery
  • OEM
  • Hospitality
  • Specialty
  • e-Commerce

​​​​​​​  Manufacturing & Retail Channel Placement 

  • ​​ ​We are not just a sales representative agency.  We also possess the capabilities to source manufacturing, product placement, and direct to consumer.    
  • You will have access to the CEO and other leadership professionals who will engage with your account. 
  • We have a proven track record of product placement with major retailers in multiple channels.
  • We offer private label, OEM, branded, and the Maxum Family of Brands.

How We Do It

​​​​​There's a reason we represent clients within The Retail and Wholesale Marketplace you know and trust.  Here is how we stand out from the rest...

​​​Our Approach